Online Auction/Tricky Tray

Praise and Thanks be to God!

Our on-line Tricky Tray/Auction raised a profit of $34,315.99

On behalf of Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Center,

I would like to thank everyone who supported our first online Tricky Tray/Auction

with their time, talents and treasures.

Zion is a family and family members help one another.

This was evident in this event.

I extend heartfelt thanks to:

Pastor Pranschke and the faculty of Zion

Mrs. Hector for all of her hard work

Everyone who had solicited donations

All of the families of Zion Lutheran Church and Early Childhood Center

who supported this event in any way

Sean Dillon, Zion’s Congregation President, Elizabeth Amodeo and the entire Auction Committee

 (those who took the pictures, made phone calls, and carried prizes for distribution)

for the numerous hours they spent making this event a success.

God, for His continued blessings on Zion.

Thank you,

Mrs. Meisten


Please remember to patronize the businesses that contributed to our Tricky Tray /Auction.  Let them know that you appreciate their generous support of Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Center.